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Pocket Retina

Pocket Retina

The Pocket Retina provides both slit-lamp and indirect retinal examination practice, allowing for a broader retina examination up to the far-periphery. This model has unparalleled color resolution of the retina and features a variety of pathologies in the posterior pole, mid-periphery, and far periphery.
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Awesome life saver

loved it for BIO practice rocking to make sure to get peripheral retina it helped a lot that there were diseases so i can mark what i viewed


Highly recommend for anyone who wants to improve their optho exam, myself and my friends love it. Found the pocket retina on instagram. I've been struggling with ophtho exams, as it is very difficult to get repetitions during my clinical rotations. This has been a weak point of mine, but within 1 week of practice with the pocket retina, I now feel confident and proficient on the wards! Thank you for this product, highly highly recommend for anyone who wants to improve their optho exam

Blake Kinney
A Fundus to Remember

A few weeks ago, I ordered a Pocket Retina through an ad I saw on Instagram. I was directed to the Pocket Retina website, which was exceptionally easy to use, and checked out. I got my Pocket Retina within a few days and was ready to get to work. After a detailed inspection, I was impressed with the simplistic yet functional design of the device. Inside the package came an answer key photograph to match the pathology inside the Pocket Retina. The fundus itself had a bright macula clearly defined outlying structures. I was impressed with the clarity of the abundant pathologies packed into that contraption! I would definitely recommend this product to any ECP, eye care staff, and fellow optometry/ophthamology students!

Meili V
Fantastic learning tool!

I love this product! This is a great tool for beginners and for those who want refreshers if they are not doing dilated exams every week. With the specialized holding clip, you can attach to the chair headrest or slit lamp easily. It is very easy to rotate the cube for different BIO views. I have found it very helpful for teaching because the "patient" is never light sensitive or blinks! It is a great tool for those to learn hand stabilization, lens holding techniques, and understanding the proper working distance. I would highly recommend to anyone who is learning 78/90 and BIO!

Toby Wercberger
Great practice tool!

Pocket Retina is an innovative tool that is great for student practice. It helps build muscle memory with holding the lens and moving the slit lamp without the need of a practice partner and dilating your peers’ eyes. I appreciate the creativity of also adding pathology to the eye to practice identifying certain retinal findings.